Audience Responses

“It’s quite extraordinary. To see Brenda’s journey, all I can think about is my grandfather who was taken away, and my kids as well. I cried through the whole lot. It’s quite emotional.
You saw the emotions in the mothers’ eyes through that documentary. And, I could only imagine what my grandfather, what his mother was going through when he was taken away from his kids. I’m glad that the wider community, that wider Australia, can witness this and understand what happened.”

– Eddie Betts

“As an educator, I would highly recommend this documentary to all Australian teachers. By viewing this story, one is far better equipped, personally and professionally, to discuss issues surrounding Indigenous perspectives to our students and offer an inspirational example of reconciliation.”

– Mark, Secondary School Educator, All Saints Anglican School Queensland

“It made it very personal, what the Stolen Generation is. The only thing I knew growing up [about the Stolen Generation] was that in church, there was a family, who had an Aboriginal child. I had asked no questions. I was told nothing. And only now I realise that she was part of the Stolen Generation. Brenda’s story is very important as a teaching resource. It’s engaging because it’s personal and it’s about the pain, and it’s about people who choose not to be victims in the end, and that’s powerful.”

– Teacher, Andrea, Emmaus Christian College, SA

“It’s a beautiful film. It’s a beautiful story. Brenda talks about wanting to be a story of healing and happiness, and that really does come through as well. I mean, what a beautiful family. Through narrative, you can change hearts and minds. I think this film will be a big deal.”

– Matt Vesley, Director

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