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Community Screening Licence

Great for Screenings in Workplaces, Churches, Schools & Community Centres

  • Host Buys a Screening Licence Online
  • Host Organises Venue & Internet Connected Screen
  • Host is Permitted to Sell or Gift Tickets
  • Optional Fundraising: Set Your Own Ticket Price
  • Minimum Licence Size Applies

In a Cinema

Closed Group Booking

Great for Workplace/Church/School Events

  • Host Pays to Book Out the Cinema
  • Host Liases with Cinema to Plan Event
  • Tickets Sold (or Gifted) by Host
  • Optional Fundraising: Set Your Own Ticket Price
  • No Minimum Audience

Cinema on Demand

Great for Gathering Family/Friends & Communities

  • Host Registers a Screening (No Upfront Cost)
  • Fan-Force Books Cinema & Creates Event
  • Tickets Sold (& Price Set) by Fan-Force
  • Optional Fundraising: Fee Added to Ticket Price
  • Pre-Sold Tickets Must Pass a Tipping Point

The Making…

The Last Daughter is brought to life on screen through collaboration between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal creatives.

At the heart of our collaboration is the Aboriginal cultural framework: the Banaam Framework.